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Immigration physicals are medical examinations mandated by U.S. immigration authorities, to ensure that immigrants do not pose a health risk to the U.S. population and that they have the necessary vaccinations to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Our Immigration Physicals service is designed to assist individuals in meeting the health requirements necessary for immigration to the United States.

Pre-employment and Annual physical exams are comprehensive medical exam required to determine whether you are capable of performing the duties and tasks of a particular job. Some jobs also require Drug screening & alcohol screening which are included in employment physicals.

We also provide Schools & sports physical for adolescents. International Travelers on vacation or business executives who travel for work are exposed to deadly endemic diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and meningitis. Travel medicine seeks to protect travelers from these and other diseases specific to regions of the world where they visit, by providing treatment and vaccination.

Please bring Vaccination records, Medical records and list of medications, (USCIS medical examination form, Alien registration number, Government-issued identification like passport or driver’s license for Immigration Physical)